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Do you thrive in a collaborative environment and crave challenging opportunities? We’re looking for talented individuals to join our team! We offer a dynamic workspace that fosters professional growth and empowers you to make a real impact. We have group interviews each week for our available positions.

Ma3SP utilizes merit-based pay for all positions within the organization. We believe in recognizing and rewarding outstanding contributions. Merit-based pay means your compensation is directly tied to your performance. This ensures that high achievers are acknowledged for their valueable contributions and have the opportunity to earn a higher salary or bonus.

An example of merit-based pay for a position could be that your role is a Sales Development Representative (SDR) and could look like the following:


Base Pay$12.00 Per Hour
Daily Calls (100 Per Day)$30.00 Per day for hitting goal
* Miss Goal, Weekly Bonus is based on Percentage Hit.
* Made 400 Calls for the week, equals 80% Bonus
Qualified Booked Appointment$25.00 Per Appointment
Detailed Notes in CRM for Client Record$1.00 Per Client
Call Recording Verified and Following Processes$5.00 Per Verified Call
Weekly Self Evaluation Paperwork Completed$30.00 Per Week

So lets say you worked a full 40 hours for the week and made 400 calls out of the 500. You booked 10 qualified appointments with the decision makers of the various companies you called. Of the 400 calls, you completed accurate notes on 300 client records and we evaluated 5 of your call recordings which you followed the calling script along with completing the accountability paperwork form at the end of the week. 

For this week, you would have a check for $1285.00 instead of the $480.00 if just paid by the hour. 

Some weeks could be higher while other weeks could be lower, it would just depend on what was accomplished during the week and how productive you were.